Are Online Degree Programs Worthwhile?

Many prospective students have concerns about getting an online degree. They wonder if it will hurt their career aspirations or ability to build on their education goals. In other words, they want to know if an online degree is for real.

Fear not, online programs are real, and they are offered by many big-name, fully accredited and well-known schools like DeVry University, University of Phoenix, Kaplan University, Penn State and Grantham — to name a few.

The key to remember is that the schools must be fully accredited. If they are, then the degree will be as valuable as any traditional college or university degree. The truth is that the diploma you earn from an online school will be just like any other, and will not say online.

The more important questions you need to ask are:

• Does the course delivery (CD-ROM, e-mail, Internet, etc.) fit your needs and abilities?

• Does the school have the degree program that fits your education goals?

• Does the school offer scholarships or discounts you may take advantage of?

If you think online may be the best fit for you, begin looking for the school that meets your needs. Schools usually have free information packets they will mail you with answers to the questions above, more on tuition costs and an application