What exactly is an online top up degree?

A level 5 diploma is the equivalent of two-thirds of an undergraduate degree. It can also be known as an Advanced Diploma or a Higher National Diploma (HND).

However, did you know that you can top-up your diploma to make it into a full UK degree? By taking an extra year to study, you can earn a Bachelors degree in your chosen subject. Studying this top-up online is a popular choice if you need to fit study around other life commitments.


How are online top-up degrees taught?

Online top-up degrees are a fantastic way to obtain an accredited British degree. They can offer the opportunity to complete a British degree in a flexible, affordable and accessible way.

Top-up degrees can be studied full-time for one year, or part-time over two years. They are comprised of different modules; each one represents a certain number of credits to make up the 120 credits needed to pass the year and complete the degree

Studying takes place via online lectures and tutorials. You can also take part in live chat sessions with your module tutors on a regular basis and have the opportunity for real-time discussions with other students from around the world. Everything is flexible and lectures/tutorials are not timetabled, so you can study at your convenience.

Online top-up degrees are taught by experienced professors and lecturers who specialise in their chosen subjects. You can engage with them online, often by live chat and email them whenever you please to ask any questions you might have.


How are online top-up degrees recognised?

If you complete an online top-up degree, the certificate is the same as if you had studied on campus in the UK for a full 4 years. The degree holds the same value and you will be able to progress to a UK Masters course upon completion, as with any other on-campus taught degree.


Why should I do an online top-up degree?

If you’d like to do further study, then topping up your degree leads the way to being able to do Masters and even PhDs! Nonetheless, if you decide to find a career after you graduate, then you can put into practice all the new knowledge and skills you’ve learnt from your top-up degree.

Employers and universities favour those who have studied online because it shows you have excellent self-motivation skills and are able to work with minimal supervision. Of course, a huge additional benefit is that you will make international connections with fellow students from all corners of the world, who could become valuable industry contacts further down the road.


Funding for a top-up degree

A full degree can cost up to £15,000+ per year for an international student if studied on campus in the UK. An online top-up degree will often be less than 1/3rd of this. For UK students funding is usually available via the Student Loans Company.


How are online top-up degrees assessed?

Top-up degrees are assessed through written assignments and exams. Assignments are usually essays which follow an academic style and use Harvard referencing. Exams will be based on the content you’ve learnt during your course and are completed at a designated exam centre closest to you or via electronic assessment.

Once you have successfully passed all the assessments, you will be invited to attend the official graduation ceremony with the university, where you can throw your cap in the air and celebrate your achievement along with all the other university students.